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De-icing is defined as removal of existing, snow ice, frost, etc., from a surface. It includes both mechanical  (plowing or scraping) or chemical (application of salt or other ice melting chemicals) methods.

Anti-icing is defined as the pretreatment of a roadway, sidewalk or parking lot with ice melting chemicals before a storm, to prevent or delay the formation of ice, or the adhesion of ice and snow.

Ice melting products can help facility managers keep their buildings safe and approachable. Good snow and ice control is definitely a large part of slip-and-fall prevention. Not using deicer or anti icing snow melting compounds is a costly error. Do not over use but do use it and use the right type of de icer.

Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

Sodium chloride is the commonly used deicing or snow melting compound due to its lost cost and easy availability. Sodium chloride forms a brine solution capable of melting ice and snow at temperatures as low as -9 degrees Celsius (24F). It is the first line of treatment and it can be used in areas where the winters are not very harsh. Crude sodium chloride or refined sodium chloride generally used.

Crude salt consists of mixture of large and small crystals of natural sodium chloride. Small crystals melt on contact and large crystals provide longevity.
About one to two spoons of salt per square foot is spread evenly over ice and snow compacted surfaces. Quantity will depend upon temperature and thickness of ice.
Name Eutectic Temp. Effective Temp. Comments: Pros & Cons
Sodium chloride (natural raw common salt) NaCl -21C or -06F @ -09C or +15F @@ Keeps sidewalks dry; Corrosive, damages concrete & steel.


Xtra Sodium Chloride may be used both as an anti iceing and as deicer. Xtra Sodium Chloride is required to be spread at the rate of around 25gm/sq.m or 0.5lb/100 sq .ft for ice at freezing point 0C or 32F. It is advisable to apply it as an anti iceing or deicer just before the storm. This will prevent the ice bonds from.

You will need to apply again when new accumulation shows first tendency to bond and plow once bond is broken. It will save a lot of labor if we apply Deicer and plow away before the ice bond is formed.

Storage & Handling

Sodium Chloride must be stored in leak proof bags. Check for the condition of the bags on receipt and do provide a double cover to a torn bag. Avoid exposure to moisture and heat.

Sodium Chloride has a tendency to loosely stick to one another during storage. If the material in the bags is lumpy, then lift the bag and drop it a couple of times to loosen it. Sodium Acetate is not an environmental issue and it can be used for deicing anti-icing, even if it is exposed to moisture and caked.

Offered Packing:

Sodium Chloride is offered in 25kg (55 lbs) or 50kg (110 lbs) bags or Jumbo bags or as desired by the buyer.
Sodium Chloride Solution 30% is offered in 210 liter or 55 gallons drums or in 1000 liter 265 gallons tote.

We also offer small packing of 10 lbs 25 lbs

We offer Sodium Chloride raw crude salt and Refined Sodium Chloride.
Raw Salt Sodium Chloride Deicer Refined Salt Sodium Chloride Deicer

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