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Concrete Anti icing Snow melting or Thawing Agent Deicer Calcium Magnesium Acetate Manufacturers

De-icing is defined as removal of existing, snow ice, frost, etc., from a surface. It includes both mechanical  (plowing or scraping) or chemical (application of salt or other ice melting chemicals) methods.

Anti-icing is defined as the pretreatment of a roadway, sidewalk or parking lot with ice melting chemicals before a storm, to prevent or delay the formation of ice, or the adhesion of ice and snow.

Calcium magnesium acetate CMA is an alternative to road salt. It is approximately as corrosive as normal tap water, and in varying concentrations can be effective in stopping road ice from forming down to around −27.5C (−18F)

In general, Calcium magnesium acetate was described as an acceptable deicer, although not quite as effective or consistent as salt. Often it was described as slower acting than salt, taking 15 to 30 min longer to start melting. Most users noted that it had to be applied early during a storm cycle; otherwise its effectiveness was significantly reduced. When applied at the outset of a storm, it was judged effective in preventing snow pack and pavement bonding. Typically, it was used in the same temperature range as salt, although it was less effective at temperatures below about - 5C (23F). Some users reported that it did not work well in freezing rain and fluffy snow.

Name Eutectic Temp. Effective Temp. Comments: Pros & Cons
Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) Ca-MgCH3COOH -28C or -18F @ -9C or +15F @@ Safe for concrete steel & vegetation; Better for preventing re-icing than as ice remover

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Sodium Acetate or Potassium Acetate is now preferred over CMA.

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